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 Clear Environmental Services Ltd has grown rapidly in becoming more than a Total Waste Management provider through an alternative approach to waste disposal compared to our competitors. With a wealth of experience in the environmental and waste to energy sector. We are leading the way in providing alternative options for waste disposal services through innovative technologies, specialising in Hazardous waste disposal and Non Hazardous solid and liquid waste from a broad range of industrial and manufacturing industries.

CE Services Ltd work in partnership with Major blue chip and SME organisations providing the latest recovery and treatment options for both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste streams within the UK and Europe converting waste into profitable revenues.  

Total Waste Management

Waste recycling services
glass recycling
paper recycling
card recycling
metal recycling
chemical waste recycling
waste recovery
precious metal waste recycling
hazardous waste recycling
hazardous waste recovery
filtercake waste recycling
sludge waste disposal
sludge waste recycling


CE Services Ltd has the capability to handle both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste streams.  We work with our partners to supply a Total Waste Management package to suit all our customers waste disposal requirements.  

Our clients range from Major blue chip organisations, Local Authorities and SME's, which include some of the well known chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturers. 

Dry Waste

Electrical (WEEE)
Hazardous packaging
Filter Cakes

Liquid wastes

Brewery washings
Industrial effluent
Pesticide/Fertiliser waste

Metal Recovery

Metal waste recycling
precious metal waste recycling
metal rebates
super alloy waste recycling
copper waste recycling
silver waste recovery
copper waste recovery
nickel waste recovery
nickel waste recycling
cable waste recycling
platinum waste recovery


CE Services Ltd provides an alternative service to waste disposal on both Hazardous and Non- hazardous waste streams which contain both precious and non precious metals.  Working in collaboration with our partners CE Services can maximise recovery of most types of metals through innovative methods compared to our competitors.

Precious & Non Precious Metals Recovery: 

Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium / Rhodium / Iron / Steel / Copper / Nickel / Tungsten / Cobalt / Aluminium / Lead / Zinc / Tin / Magnesium / Titanium / Bismuth / Cadmium / Zirconium / Antimony / Manganese / Beryllium / Chromium / Vanadium

We aim to reduce our customers disposal cost and also offer the most competitive rebates on metals recovered.  Please find below some of the typical waste streams we can recover metals from:

  • X- Ray waste
  • PCB's (Printed Circuit boards)
  • Electroplating process waste
  • Conductive coatings
  • Fixer & Developer solutions
  • Filter cakes
  • Extraction dust
  • Incineration waste
  • Rags & Cloths
  • Welding waste 



We are a registered waste carrier and operate with a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act to ensure that all waste is disposed of in accordance with all current legislation. 

CE Services Ltd provide a reliable and responsive service with a dedicated client service manager, we have the capability to provide collections at very short notice.  CE Services Ltd operates 24hrs a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year.    

We can collect any waste stream from Lab smalls, Drums, IBC's to Bulk waste via vacuum tankers.  Whatever your requirement we provide a first class service at all times. 


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