Industrial Cleaning Services

Our Industrial cleaning team have all the equipment to provide tank and vessel cleaning with bespoke solutions based on individual customer’s needs.  We will assess the tank contents, consider any site or environmental needs, and only use the latest safety apparatus and equipment including remote methods.

Our team is capable of completing factory and facility decommissioning and industrial shutdown maintenance – this can range from small simple site clearance through to supervising complex land remediation projects.

CE Services have specialist equipment and highly trained personnel to enable cleaning and removal of waste from a variety of containers, tanks, and interceptors.  

Our nationwide dewatering and waste reduction service provides a cost effective and compliant method of reducing the amount of waste destined for disposal. Mobile filter presses are available for long or short term use, delivered to site complete with feed pumps and supplied with fully trained operatives.

We have availability of DISAB units for high levels cleaning, liquid ring tankers for heavy sludge removal, and dry vacuumation for uplifting dusty materials including cement, sand, and gravel.