DeContamination Services

COVID 19 Disinfection


In the event of an outbreak, or suspected outbreak of covid 19 coronavirus, it is essential that the situation is handled with care and caution. All operatives working in the affected area carrying out decontamination services must comply with strict safety measures and ensure they are wearing the correct PPE and RPE.

A survey of your site and a detailed risk assessment will take place prior to disinfection services . Highly trained operatives will then meticulously manually disinfect rooms and areas that pose a threat of causing cross contamination. This includes all floors, walls, ceilings and any objects, using a high-level surface disinfectant to help minimise the risk of infection. 

It is extremely important that any waste is disposed of in a safe and legally compliant manner, to help ensure that there is no further cross contamination. CE Services are following the COVID-19: infection prevention and control guidance as set out by Public Health England. All waste will be handled as clinical waste and will be correctly segregated, transported and disposed of in line with clinical waste regulations. 

Using UN approved containers CE Services will segregate and manage all the waste management requirements following the clean.  Full traceability of both the services completed and waste disposal will be provided, including service summary, customer satisfaction sign off and hazardous waste consignment note.

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