Case Studies

Heavy Fuel Oil Tank Clean – Power station

Clear Environmental Services Ltd was awarded the contract for the emptying and cleaning of Heavy Fuel Oil from Storage tank at a Power Station site based in Staffordshire.

The Tank measured in 30M diameter and contained approx 500 tonnes of HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil). Clear Environmental Services Ltd worked with their approved partners in delivering the project which was staged in two phases. Phase 1(Emptying Tank) was to ensure the tank was drained and kept to a certain temperature, careful planning, project management and organisation was key to manage the logistics of the tankers when removing large volumes of HFO, which was difficult to dispose due to high levels of sulphur.

Once Phase 1 was complete and all HFO was pumped out, the 2nd Phase was then to clean out the remaining sludge from the tank to a high standard for NDT inspection as Rugeley Power were to put the tank back into operation once cleaned. The HFO sludge was cleaned out with a combination of manual squeejing and use of bob cats. Once all sludge was removed (UHP) Ultra High Pressure Jetting was used to clean the ceiling, walls and floor of tank to NDT standard.

The complete project was delivered on time and within budget as envisaged. Rugeley power station key personnel were very impressed with Clear Environmental Services Ltd and our partners in how the complete project was delivered and how the site staff performed from start to finish.

“The planning of the work was excellent, it was well organised and liaison with station staff including security went without a hitch. Health and safety could not be faulted – daily checks on working methods and equipment never showed any short comings, this is extremely impressive as your team were working in a remote area.

Environmentally the job went perfectly, no cause for any concerns; collections were always on time, the paperwork always in order. HFO is notoriously messy and looking at the tank and bund you wouldn’t even know the work has been carried out

As the engineer in charge of this one job, that had never been undertaken before on site, your company made it very easy for me and I would like you to pass on my sincere thanks to all of your site team”.

Mr JK (Technical Engineer, Power Station)

Tank Decommission Project – Chemical/Fertiliser Manufacturer

Clear Environmental services were awarded the contract to decommission ten chemical storage tanks at a Chemical/fertiliser plant in Cheshire.

The tanks were redundant and made of various steel grades. After careful site assessment and detailed methods and risk assessment working with our specialist partners , we managed to decommission and uplift all the tanks on site involving cranes and onsite cutting for safe transportation.

We were faced with some challenges as the site was small with height restrictions due to overhead cabling. However as we work to the highest safety standards we managed to work with our client to provide practical solutions to deliver the project.

The decommissioning of the tanks was completed within the timeframe during plant shutdown, over the 2 weeks allocated for the project. The client was very satisfied as the value of the steel from the project not only covered the costs for the project they also received revenue for approx. 50 tonnes steel.

Zinc Metal Recovery – Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Clear Environmental Services were contacted by an automotive parts manufacturer to look for recycling options for their steel dust waste stream currently going to landfill.

As a specialist in metals recovery we are always looking for innovative recovery options for most waste metal  streams, including filtercakes, dusts, sludges and liquids (hazardous and non-hazardous).

Over the last three years we have diversified into the metals recovery sector, working with niche recovery partners and metal processers/smelters within UK and Europe.  This has allowed us to offer alternative recovery options to our customers who were previously landfilling their metallic waste.

The waste from the automotive parts contained zinc metallics which were recovered for re use for further zinc products.  This recovery option was a win win situation for the client.  Not only did they have a recycled option diverted away from landfill but also received revenue from the extracted metal.

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